“The best investments are often found among the things that other people don’t know or care about. That’s a good description of convertibles, and nobody’s a better guide to them than Tracy Maitland…

Howard S. Marks, Co-Chairman/Co-Founder at Oaktree Capital Group

Convertible securities underpin my goal of obtaining long-term superior risk-adjusted returns…. Tracy Maitland and his team have now written a comprehensive book that incorporates what we refer to as ‘an accumulated and compounded knowledge of the convertible world.’

Mario J. Gabelli, CEO, GAMCO Investors

The subtitle of this book says “complete,” and Tracy Maitland discusses the often-overlooked niche of private convertibles—a rewarding subsector of the rapidly growing private securities market that includes many promising tech companies.

Robert F. Smith, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Vista Equity Partners

As a hedge fund manager, I’ve always been acutely aware of the positive asymmetry of convertibles, which capture most of the upside of common stocks, while being exposed to less of the downside. Convertibles are ideal for hedging as well as traditional long-only investing, as Tracy Maitland and his co-authors explain in this remarkably comprehensive book.

Jamie Dinan, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, York Capital Management