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“A must read for traders, salespeople, portfolio managers or for anyone involved in the capital markets.”

“A complete survey of this often overlooked asset class. Valuation modeling, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the history and development of the instrument over time. The one to buy for any fixed income desk or academic setting.”

“Page one begins with a pithy convertible bonds quote, ‘It has a kind of “heads I win, tails I don’t lose” quality.’ This neatly sums up the appeal of convertible securities.”

“The book does an excellent job of investigating the seemingly endless situations where proper analysis can provide the investors with an ongoing assessment of the risk/reward tradeoff that each situation presents.”

“The central thesis of this meticulously and expertly researched work is that Convertible Bonds offer equity like returns with materially less volatility, the evidence within the book fully support[s] this.”

“One of the most comprehensive books dedicated to the asset class… simple enough for a student, investor, consultant, or journalist to understand…technical enough to help CIOs, CFOs, or more advanced investors dive deep into how to strategically leverage convertibles within a portfolio.”

“Concise and well written, the book covers the history of the convertible market, why [an] important asset class for investors, the dynamics of proper hedging, the motivations behind issuance by CFOs, and historical performance characteristics… convertibles have historically provided rich pockets of underpriced opportunity.”

“The book provides extensive insights in how this hybrid structure can be extremely useful in raising capital. From a longer-term perspective, the combination of equity option and bond like qualities allows growth oriented companies to raise capital at what usually prove to be extremely appealing costs over time. CFOs should study this book diligently.”

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